a dance journey

So just last week I had the pleasure of watching a live contemporary dance performance by graduating students of the Australian Ballet School here in Melbourne.

Pol Andres choreographed the piece beautifully. It touched me to the core and I walked out of there feeling totally blown away with the maturity of this piece. Pol is only 19. Obviously a very mature and capable dancer.

Thank you Pol. From the bottom of my heart. Good luck in Brisbane!


hello world

Do you ever think that you think too much? Do you ever wish that you could write down all the things you think, the books you love, the quotes that feel like are meant just for you, the words that you hear and you want to remember? And do you ever feel that you need to record and share the music that moves you, the art that touches you, the smells that linger?

This is my space to write, record, share, save, savour and treasure. And if you happen to enjoy this space too, then what a joy!

So hello & welcome.